Motorway delays after lorry load of pilau rice spills across two lanes

Motorists faced long-grain delays yesterday (Thurs) after a lorry load of PILAU RICE spilled across a motorway.

Police were called to the westbound M4 near junction 17 in Wiltshire after five pallets of rice fell from the back of a truck at around 2am.

Two lanes were shut for the debris to be cleared and were likely to remain closed all day for resurfacing.

On Twitter, officers from Wiltshire Police joked that the scene near Chippenham “smelled nice”.

Wilts Specialist ops tweeted: “M4 westbound 2 lanes closed prior to junction 17 after a lorry lost 5 pallets of pilau rice and spread across the carriageway. May take time to clear. Smells nice. Thanks @HighwaysSWEST for the assist.”

Highways England said grains of rice had become embedded in the tarmac making it “dangerously slippery”.

The agency tweeted: “The lane one and two closure is likely to remain in place throughout the day. We expect to see some severe congestion and delays resulting from this.”