Mum and boyfriend 'watch Shameless' while daughter, 3, dies inside hot car

A mother watched Shameless on Netflix with her boyfriend as her three-year-old girl died in a hot car, a court heard.

Laura Black, 37, and Aaron Hill, 29, are said to have left Rylee Rose Black in a locked motorcycle in Australia for five hours after falling asleep in her booster seat.

The couple then sat in front of the TV to watch the hit series while the toddler was trapped in the Toyota Prado, it is said.

Prosecutors allege the couple did not discuss where she was while sitting in their home in Burdell, a suburb in the city of Townsville.

She spent five hours in the backseat in the hot four-wheel drive before they found her ‘slumped’ last Friday, MailOnline reports.

The girl was taken to Townsville University Hospital where she was pronounced dead, the hearing was told.

Black and Hill have been charged with manslaughter.

They appeared at Townsville Magistrates’ Court on Monday and received bail.

According to reports, the couple arrived at the property at 9:50 AM after doing the school run for Black’s three other daughters.

Mum and boyfriend 'watch Shameless' while daughter, 3, dies inside hot car

Prosecutor Tasman Murphy claimed they got into a fight on the way back.

He told the hearing that the little girl fell asleep in the backseat, where she stayed until they returned to the Toyota at 2:45 PM to pick up the kids from school.

The prosecutor claimed they watched Shameless in the house and didn’t discuss where she was all day.

After he got back into the car, he said they turned and saw the girl’s head drop.

They took her out of her booster seat to try for CPR before taking her to the hospital, he added.

Hill’s attorney argued that he should be bailed because it was reported to be an accidental act.

A fundraising page for the girl’s dad and her sisters has raised thousands of pounds on GoFundMe.