Mum dies after running into bank's glass door and impaling herself on shard
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Mum dies after running into bank's glass door and impaling herself on shard

A mum-of-two bled to death when she impaled herself on glass after careering into a set of glass doors.

Horrified witnesses saw the woman fatally wounded herself as she tried to rush out of a bank and fell on a broken shard which pierced her stomach.

Tragic Beena Jiju Paul, 46, from Koovappady, in Indian, was filmed on CCTV while inside the bank turning around at the counter and running back towards the door.

Witnesses say the local business woman left the keys for her scooter outside, but didn’t realise the glass door was shut and ran straight through it.

It is thought she fell on a shard of glass, with CCTV showing the horrific scene unfold, as the mum stood up surrounded by a pool of blood, New Indian Express reported.

Rescuers are then seen ushering the married mum to a nearby bench.

Her stomach wound was covered in cloth in a vain attempt to stop the bleeding, but local police revealed Beena later died in hospital.

A local source said: “After about four minutes, people at the bank were seen taking the woman to the hospital and a police officer is seen entering inside the bank.

“The woman, who appeared to have fainted, was carried out of the bank.

“According to the Perumbavoor police, she was taken to Perumbavoor Taluk Hospital, but Beena passed away a little later.

“Perumbavoor police have registered a case of unnatural death.”

The incident happened yesterday at the Bank of Baroda’s branch in Perumbavoor, in Ernakulam District in the Indian state of Kerala.


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