Mum dies after running into burning building to rescue pet dogs – saving four

A heroic mother died after walking into a burning house to rescue her nine dogs – and helped four escape the fire.

Michelle Mirasol, 36, and her family fled the property in Bacolod Province, Philippines, on May 21 when the flames began to engulf it.

She picked up three dogs and left them in the yard while the fire broke out.

Michelle then dashed back inside to try to rescue six puppies in a cage next to the bathroom.

Tragically overcome by the thick smoke, she collapsed into the building.

Five of the puppies died with Michelle, but firefighters were able to save one of the animals.

Fire Marshal Publio Plotena said Michelle died of asphyxiation while trying to save all her beloved dogs.

He said she could save three puppies, and the others who recovered the emergency services.

Plotena said Michelle’s body was found in the bathroom covered with a wet towel that she used to cover her face from the smoke.

The fire chief reminded residents that no one should enter burning buildings and added, “Protect yourself, you only have one life.”

Investigators said Michelle was in the house with her child and her parents when the fire started at around 6:17 a.m.

Mum dies after running into burning building to rescue pet dogs – saving four

The fire, caused by electrical wiring in the ceiling, lasted 30 minutes and caused thousands of dollars in damage to the property.

The Philippine animal welfare group, PAWSsion Project, said, “For some, the dogs are just property, things. For people like Michelle, they are family.

“And family means no one is left behind. You will be remembered forever as a selfless fur mother.

“This is so heartbreaking. Our sincere condolences to the next of kin. But our highest respect goes to you Michelle.

“You were with your fur babies until the end.”