Mum dies after shard pierces stomach when she accidentally runs into glass door
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Mum dies after shard pierces stomach when she accidentally runs into glass door

A mum fell on a shard which fatally pierced her stomach after accidentally running into a glass door in a bank.

Beena Jiju Paul, 46, lost a significant amount of blood and, although she was dashed to hospital, lost her life.

Witnesses in the Bank of Baroda in Perumbavoor, India, say Beena had dropped her keys outside the bank and, when she realised, she panicked and ran to the exit.

But it is thought the married mother didn’t realise the glass door was shut, and ran straight through the pane. She reportedly fell on a shard of glass, and graphic footage shows her standing up, surrounded by a pool of blood.

Passersby helped Beena, who has two children, until paramedics arrived.

A local source said: “After about four minutes, people at the bank were seen taking the woman to the hospital and a police officer is seen entering inside the bank.

“The woman, who appeared to have fainted, was carried out of the bank.

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“According to the Perumbavoor police, she was taken to Perumbavoor Taluk Hospital, but Beena passed away a little later.

“Perumbavoor police have registered a case of unnatural death.”

Bank of Baroda, which was founded in 1908, is marketed as India’s International Bank.


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