Mum finds £800k in cash dumped on side road – hands it in to cops on same day

A Good Samaritan found £ 800k in cash on the side of a road – before handing it over to the police the same day.

Mother of two Emily Schantz thought the two huge bags were full of trash – so she put them in her pickup to take them to a local rubbish dump.

But she soon realized they were filled with nearly £ 800k in US dollars.

The bags of money are said to have fallen from a US mailbox in Virginia.

Emily immediately called the Caroline County police when she made the discovery.

She said, “There were plastic bags in the bag and they were addressed with something that said ‘money vault’.

“We did the right thing and sent it back. Because it wasn’t ours. ‘

Local agent Scott Moser said, “They came back to Caroline and found out they were driving the truck with nearly a million dollars.

“For someone so honest and willing to give it back nearly a million dollars, it’s exceptional on their part.

Mum finds £800k in cash dumped on side road - hands it in to cops on same day

“Their two sons were there, so I turned on the lights for them, but we are proud and they have represented this province well by being so honest.”

Last year, a total of £ 4,000 was refunded to the police after falling from an armored truck in Georgia.

A kind-hearted man returned £ 1,800.

A spokesman for Dunwood Police Station said: “When our officers arrived, they found an armored car on the right shoulder.

“The armored car crew said the side door opened while driving and money came in at 285.

“Officers and the truck crew collected a few hundred dollars that were still there when the officers arrived, but enough was taken by the sticky fingers of passers-by.”