Mum quoted £800 for new garden transforms it herself for just £200

If you’re spending more time than ever in your yard and wish you could revise it on a budget, get inspired by this creative mom.

Janine Byrom, 38, a mom of three and business owner from Atherton, managed to remodel her garden for just £ 200 when closed – and the transformation is incredible.

Janine told the money-saving community “Unfortunately I was left in a bad place after my husband left early last year.

‘Our garden was overgrown and not child-friendly. I always wanted to have a nice garden that we could enjoy as a family, but had little knowledge of how and where to start.

“I joined a few garden pages on Facebook and was inspired by people who made smaller gardens on a budget.

“I have always loved pretty shabby chic inspired stuff and collected a lot of things before blocking them while collecting my ideas.

“Lockdown really pushed me to do something. The garden was covered with weeds and nettles and the kids just had a large trampoline that took up so much space!

“With their permission, I disassembled the trampoline and started working in the garden. I did get quotes from gardeners, but as a single mom on a very low budget, I just couldn’t afford what they asked for.

“I was not deterred and just decided to be stuck. I borrowed gardening tools from a neighbor and dug up the weeds and leveled the ground.

“During my weekly shop at B&M, I managed to get some artificial turf. I always shop there for snacks and craft supplies for the kids, so I added a few pieces to my trolley during my essential visit.”

“I followed the instructions and laid the turf. The garden was already starting to take shape!

“I recycled and upcycled where I could. I even transformed an old sideboard that I planned to turn into a sitting area by covering it with a waterproof tablecloth and outdoor cushions.

Mum quoted £800 for new garden transforms it herself for just £200

“I ordered my fence paint online and spent a day repainting the fence – this took me a few days, but it was oh so worth it and the garden really looked 100% better.

“I had a trellis to attach to my shed to which I added more fake flowers, and I filled flower pots with fake flowers until I could get to a garden center. Friends and neighbors also brought me plants and small pieces that they didn’t use.

“I had some old porcelain and attached plates to my shed using some strong adhesive strips and I also added solar powered garden lighting.

Mum quoted £800 for new garden transforms it herself for just £200

“The children’s bench I already had from a previous trunk thought I had managed to make a five, so I just painted it with some paint I had used on my front door before.

“I’m still going to add something to the garden if and when I can get more plants and so on, but the difference this extra space has made is incredible! My daughter’s birthday was at the close and I got her a little BBQ and a paddling pool that she loved! “

The project turned out to be the perfect diversion during the pandemic and Janine is extra happy that she managed to keep her tight budget.

Mum quoted £800 for new garden transforms it herself for just £200

Janine carefully selected each item and spent £ 50 on grass, £ 8 on picket fence, £ 20 on fence paint, £ 28 on cushions, £ 18 on paint for her bench, £ 12 on the fake trellis, £ 8 on the fake flowers, £ 16 on flower garlands and about £ 40 on other trinkets.

“The project has helped so much during this difficult time,” she added. “It was so good mentally to focus on doing something and I can honestly say that without the lockdown I wouldn’t have had the thrill to do it!

“I am very proud of our garden and never thought I could achieve so much on a £ 200 budget!”

Tom Church, co-founder of, notes, “A professional gardener may have quoted over £ 1,000 for this. Janine has probably saved around £ 800 by doing it herself which is fantastic.

“You, like Janine, can be itchy to change your yard. Janine shows that with a few smart purchases it can really be done on a budget! So when the social distance ends, inviting your friends means so much more. “