Mum spending £11,000 a year on McDonald's loses six stone

An overweight mom shed five-and-a-half bricks during the lockdown – kicking her £ 11k-a-year McDonald’s addiction.

Poppy Stainsby, 24, tossed burgers and takeaways every day and often blew £ 30 into a meeting – totaling £ 10,950 a year.

Due to her habit, she tilted the scales at 18th and struggled to squeeze in a size 20.

But she’s slimmed down to a size 10 and now weighs a healthier 12st 4 pounds after starting a lockdown diet and exercise regimen.

Poppy was able to squeeze in two workouts and an evening walk because she worked from home during the lockdown.

She used the time she previously spent commuting to work in intensive Instagram workouts and taught herself to cook healthy.

The office clerk, from Kings Lynn, Norfolk, said: “I am amazed at how quickly the weight fell off me.

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“I feel really confident and I can go for a walk without getting out of breath.

“I have completely transformed my lifestyle – I now cook tasty meals like salmon and rice and really exercise.

“I used to get sore feet and got out of breath just shopping.

Mum spending £11,000 a year on McDonald's loses six stone

“Now I take long walks and bike rides all the time.”

Poppy made the decision to lose weight in January after she was fed up with sore feet and back pain and wanted to get in shape for her wedding in September 2021.

Mum spending £11,000 a year on McDonald's loses six stone

In the first three months, she struggled to shift the pounds and only lost a stone, but after joining Slimming World and undergoing a strict lifestyle change from lockdown, she is now close to her 12-stone goal.

Poppy has changed her lifestyle and no longer eats take-aways, but instead cooks healthy homemade meals with fresh ingredients and regularly does home workouts.

Poppy is now wearing crop tops and bikinis without worrying about her body.

About lockdown, she would get up early, squeeze in a workout before work, and then workout again after she finished. She often walked five miles in her area.

Mum spending £11,000 a year on McDonald's loses six stone

She has now traded in her daily McDonald’s for healthy meals like chicken and green beans.

Poppy used to have McDonald’s breakfasts as well as KFC lunches and Domino dinners, but has now cut the greasy food entirely.

“I’m really cooking now,” said Poppy.

Mum spending £11,000 a year on McDonald's loses six stone

“I used to take take-out meals every day and food was my comfort, but now I eat the good things, like lots of fruits and vegetables.

‘And I have enjoyed working from home the whole time.

“I have so much more confidence in my body and I am so happy to finally be in shape.

“I can actually walk to the shops or a hill without getting out of breath and hurting my feet.

“I also just got married and can put on a size 10 dress.

“I feel great and I am so proud of myself for achieving this.

“I feel like the best version of myself.”