Mum uses late grandmother's books to transform walls of home in sweet tribute

A creative mom who couldn’t stand to part with her late grandmother’s collection of novels that used pages – to wallpaper her home.

Jess Fleet, 36, had always been close to her grandmother Hazel and loved to read books with her as a child.

Hazel died in 2010, and personal assistant Jess kept many of her belongings, including her much-loved books.

After buying a home in Farndon, Cheshire with her partner Ben, 39, in February 2019, the mother of three children came across the boxes of books.

She transformed her walls by using pages of the precious books as wallpaper.

One of her aunt’s favorite books, a 1962 copy of Swallows and Amazons, had fallen apart, but is now proudly visible on the walls of Jess’s bathroom downstairs.

The pages have been pasted with such care that visitors can even read the book when they visit Jess’s home and the beautiful walls serve as a wonderful tribute to her late grandmother.

Jess said, “Every time I walk in there now I think about her. Even the smell is incredibly emotional and brings me back to her house when we were growing up!

Mum uses late grandmother's books to transform walls of home in sweet tribute

“Books are an absolute treasure, especially at a time when more and more people are reading digital copies.

“My grandmother often read to me and liked to read people like Margaret Drabble and Catherine Cookson. We went to the local library together every Friday.

“With that and the fact that these books have been in my family, some of them for three generations, my sentimentality couldn’t let them go.

“Last year we bought our house and over the past 12 months we have been slowly unpacking and sorting our things and I came across the two boxes of books.

“I sat down and looked at them all one by one to see what goodies we had. Some are from the late 1800s and early 1900s!

“I knew they couldn’t just stay in the boxes, it just felt wrong, so I started using the beautiful hardbacks all over the house as part of our decor, showing them on shelves that match different color schemes.

‘I wanted to wallpaper our bathroom downstairs and feel that this is a room where you can be a little bit unique.

‘I searched high and low for a wallpaper that was a little bit different but found nothing I liked and one night the books came to my head and I realized that instead of sitting there I could use them well .

Mum uses late grandmother's books to transform walls of home in sweet tribute

“They would look beautiful and we would have good reading material if we were in there!”