Mums and babies killed as gunmen storm hospital maternity ward
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Mums and babies killed as gunmen storm hospital maternity ward

Babies and mothers were killed by gunmen during an attack on a hospital.

Militants stormed the facility in Kabul, Afghanistan this morning and killed two newborn children in a maternity hospital run by Doctors Without Borders.

They also killed 11 mothers and nurses and injured another 15 people, including children.

The attackers, disguised as police officers, were all shot dead in a shootout with Afghan special forces.

The Kabul attack started in the morning when at least three gunmen entered Dasht-e-Barchi hospital, threw grenades and shot, government officials said.

“The attackers shot everyone in this hospital for no reason. It is a government hospital and many people bring their women and children in for treatment, “said Ramazan Ali, a nearby salesman who saw the start of the attack.

Soldiers brought babies out of the compound, some wrapped in blood-stained blankets.

The government forces have managed to rescue 100 women and children from the hospital, the BBC reports.

Photos from the Interior Ministry showed two young children who were hospitalized dead.

In a separate attack today, a suicide bomber hit the funeral of a police chief, attended by government officials and a Member of Parliament, in the eastern province of Nangahar, killing at least 24 people and injuring 68.

Authorities said the toll could rise. Neither attack immediately claimed responsibility.

The Taliban, Afghanistan’s leading Islamic uprising group, which claims to have halted attacks on cities under a US troop withdrawal agreement, denied involvement in either.

The Islamic State militant group operates in Nangahar and has launched a number of high-profile attacks on Kabul in recent months.

On Monday, security forces arrested the regional leader in the capital.


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