Mystery over 'penis-shaped' landmark after it disappears from German mountain

It might be a tough nut to crack, but police are investigating the mystery disappearing from a phallic image.

The 6.5ft wooden statue was apparently cut down from his home on a Bavarian mountainside over the weekend, the Allgaeuer Zeitung newspaper reported.

Reports suggest the penis-shaped monument left nothing but a sad pile of sawdust and wood chips on the 5,702-meter-high Grueten Mountain.

The tribute to male genitals has gained celebrity status in recent years as a destination for hikers looking to snap a cheeky memorial photo.

Folklore suggests that it was, ‘set up’, as a birthday present for a young man whose family did not appreciate the gift.

It was instead towed up the mountainside and left there in all its glory.

In recent weeks, the statue has enjoyed up and down, taken down and hung again, but it also had a beer dedicated to it by the local brewery.

Now someone has gone to great lengths to get the monument off the hill, detectives amazed.

The German news agency DPA reported that police in the Bavarian town of Kempton are investigating the disappearance.

Mystery over 'penis-shaped' landmark after it disappears from German mountain

But it is not immediately clear, police said, what crime had been committed.

Police spokesman Holger Stabik said: “We don’t know whether it is a criminal offense or not.”

The mayor of nearby Rettenberg, Nikolaus Weissinger, said the disappearance of the statue was “a shame”.

It’s not the only mysterious monument to make headlines this week.

In a bizarre turn of events, a 3.5-meter-long metal monolith in the desert of Utah, USA, triggered a phenomenon involving amateur sleuths.

But as soon as it came into the world, it was gone.

Then it was suddenly reported that the same monolith had been found on a hill in Romania.