Naked councillor has shower during virtual meeting – without turning camera off

A city councillor has apologised after accidentally filming himself walking out of a shower naked during a video call meeting.

Bernardo Bustillo, who works as a part-time city councillor in Torrelavega, the northern Spanish autonomous community of Cantabria, appeared to have forgotten to turn off his camera during the online meeting.

In the clip, Bernardo is seen by eight other councillors when he is taking a shower behind a translucent screen.

The colleagues are reportedly trying to ignore him and listen to the Councillor for Economics and Treasury, Pedro Perez Noriega, during a Q&A section.

Moments later, Bernardo reveals his full spectrum as he steps out of the shower and walks up to the screen without realising the camera is on.

Other councillors have to stop the meeting and one is heard saying: “Tell Berni something, please.

“Can we log him off?”

The meeting was also reportedly broadcast live on Cantabrian television and residents were shocked by the blunder, according to local news outlet 20 Minutos.

The councillor explained today that he thought he had turned the camera off but only later found out he had only minimised the chat window.

Bernardo Bustillo apologised for the blunder but he said he was not ashamed of his own nudity

He continued: “I was aware of what was happening when I heard my name being said but many colleagues called me on the mobile trying to notify me, but I left the phone in my room.

The media stated Bernardo is a part-time Councillor for European Affairs and Citizens Participation and he has other businesses and professional activities including being a swimming coach.

He said in a press statement: “Because of my job I have spent half of my life half-naked and I have never felt ashamed of other people’s nudity and even less of my own.”

Nevertheless, the councillor reportedly apologised and explained that he was in a hurry as he had to take his daughter to a school activity.

He said he would allow the local socialist party PSOE who he represents to decide if he can keep his post.

It is not known if he has been asked to step down by the local authorities.