NASA growing mutant plants and set to take plum tree on manned mission to Mars

NASA grows mutant plants and wants to take plum trees on manned missions to Mars, a scientist has revealed.

Dr. Anna-Lisa Paul said vegetables have proved “amazingly” better than the growth on Earth on the International Space Station.

And claimed that in theory we could grow “any plant” we want on the manned mission to Mars – which would explode as early as 2035.

Dr. Paul said the US space agency has been looking at mutant varieties of plum trees for the years-long journey.

She told Houston We Have a Podcast, “ A lot of work has been done to miniaturize plants and also to overcome some of the problems that, say, a fruit tree, you know, they only bloom once a year and they bloom really big , et cetera, et cetera.

And so some of the work that has been done at Kennedy Space Center is actually doing things like looking at certain mutations in natural mutations in plants that made them, and plum trees is one of them where they are. They grow almost like vines, they bloom and fruitless.

“And so now you can imagine, you know, there is some kind of vineyard growing on a space station or somewhere else that gives you fresh fruit.

“You can do almost anything because plants know they are in space. They adjust their metabolism to adapt to it, but they are doing pretty much fine.”

NASA growing mutant plants and set to take plum tree on manned mission to Mars

Speaking of growing a plant on the International Space Station with NASA scientist Dr. Gioia Massa, she added, “And the Arabidopsis plants were much more robust and much more plump and succulent than the plants we normally grow in our growth chambers here. the University of Florida.

And the reason was that we grew them in the projection of carbon dioxide levels and lighting levels that we would use on the space station. And with the extra lighting and the extra CO2 that these Arabidopsis plants got, you don’t normally do that here in the Grow rooms in Florida, they went to town, and it was amazing. “