Navy sailors rescue dog from sea during storm – and now want to adopt it

This is the moment sailors from the Chilean Navy rescued a dog after it fell into the sea during a heavy storm – and are now hoping the owners don’t come forward so they can adopt it.

The incident took place in the Bay of Talcahuano in the central Chilean region of Biobio when a naval patrol was heading back to base.

It shows the pooch desperately struggling to stay afloat as the boat approaches it.

One officer then leans over to reach the dog and pull it to safety onto the boat.

The poor pet appears to exhausted to even move once he reaches the safety of the boat and simply looks around.

Navy spokesperson Federico Cavada explained: “We were going back to the port in Talcahuano when, near the Belen lighthouse about two kilometres from the dock, one of our team spotted a dog swimming in the middle of the bay.”

The pooch was bathed in warm water and wrapped in a blanket to prevent it from suffering from hypothermia.

Navy officials also fed the animal and contacted a vet to check it the following day.

The dog after being rescued

The adorable pup is recovering well and now officers are hoping they can adopt it, if its owners don’t come forward.

It is unclear how the dog ended up in the bay, although the region has been affected by heavy storms recently and it is possible the animal was swept out to sea after falling in the water.

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