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#Kolkata: Toyota is about to launch its Toyota Hilux in India. Toyota Hilux may be launched in India in 2022. Toyota has been selling Toyota Hilux cars in the global market for the past few decades. About 16 million Toyota Hilux cars have been sold in the world market since 1986. This is the first time this car is going to be launched in India. In India, a Toyota car can cost around Rs 3 million.

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Although the Toyota Hilux is on the IMV-2 platform, it is very different from Toyota’s Fortuner, Innova Crystal. Special attention has been paid to the dimensions and styling of the Toyota Hilux car. A variety of features have been added to the Toyota Hilux car with Indian buyers in mind. This Toyota Hilux from Toyota Company pays special attention to long drive. For this, advanced technology has been used in this car. Toyota Hilux has a capable off-roader wheel, updated 2.8 liter turbo diesel engine. The car also has a six-speed manual and a six-speed automatic transmission unit.

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Special attention has been paid to the interior design of the Toyota Hilux. Toyota Hilux car uses modern and advanced infotainment system. No compromises were made on the safety of the Toyota Hilux. Emphasis has been placed on car engines and other technical issues. Toyota Hilux cars have been used in modern technology to make this car more popular than the cars of other companies in this segment. The Toyota Hilux features state-of-the-art ambient lights, auto air conditioning, a 6-inch modern and advanced infotainment system, JBL speakers and other features. The Toyota Hilux car has a distinct demand in the world market. As a result, more than 18 million Toyota Hilux cars have been sold worldwide since 1986. There is also a demand for Toyota cars in the Indian market. Toyota Hilux is coming to the Indian market in 2022. Only time will tell whether this Toyota Hilux will be as popular as other Toyota cars in the Indian market!

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