New rules at Starbucks as 150 branches prepare to reopen
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New rules at Starbucks as 150 branches prepare to reopen

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The global coffee chain said it will open approximately 15% of its UK stores in the first phase of its reopening plans, which are primarily focused on Drive Thru stores.

It said it will also reopen a “handful of takeaway only” as it continues to prepare to reopen all of its UK stores.

Starbucks closed all of its UK branches in March after the government-imposed lockdown was implemented.

The new rules are …

  • ‘To go’ single model – offered through Drive-Thru, takeaway, or delivery – minimizes points of contact with partners and customers. All drinks are served in a to-go paper cup, although we continue to honor the personal cup discount.
  • Social distancing together with additional cleaning protocols and precautions, including more frequent cleaning and disinfection of high-contact surfaces and increased hand washing by partners.
  • Contactless payments only via card, phone or the Starbucks Rewards app that also allows customers to pre-order. Plexiglass screens will also be present in all our stores.
  • As a small gesture of gratitude for everything NHS have and continue to do employees, we provide one free tall drink of your choice in our stores.
  • All stores serve one almost complete drinks menu , with everything from Lattes to Cappuccinos, Iced Coffees and Teas to Frappuccinos. Food is also offered, but with a slightly more limited menu, focusing on our most popular items.
  • The company said it “learns, tests and refines our operating standards every day” behind closed doors.

    It said the reopening plan – which will start with stores spread across the UK – will focus on ensuring the health and wellbeing of its employees and customers.

    The reopening comes after fast food retailers, such as Burger King and KFC, have reopened Drive Thru sites.

    Meanwhile, some café chain rivals, such as Pret a Manger, have reopened UK sites for takeout customers.

    Starbucks has already reopened a number of its sites in other regions, including the US and China.

    It said it has “learned” from changes in its operations in China – where 90% of its sites are now open – and in the US, taking into account its UK sites.

    New security measures at UK locations include regular hand washing for at least 20 seconds, two meter social distance, screens at payment booths and the use of contactless payment only.

    The reopening menu includes Starbucks’ core range and a limited range, it said.

    Employees were paid during the shutdown, and the chain said “during the coronavirus crisis,” it will not accept acceptable government support.


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