Newborn baby rescued by shocked locals after being buried alive in field in India – World News

Dramatic footage shows the moment a dumped newborn baby was rescued by villagers after being buried alive on a farm in India.

The tot would have died in the field in iKhatima, Uttarakhand, if they hadn’t been spotted by a labourer who saw their face poking out of the earth as they worked nearby.

The baby’s right knee and foot and their right arm was also visible when they were found.

The video clip shows locals and the police frantically rescuing the baby, who is covered in mud, out of the shallow grave where they were buried among stones, roots and dirt.

The baby remains motionless before the clip shows the tot being swaddled in cloth for protection and warmth while being surrounding by shocked men and women.

The baby was found alive buried in the farm in India
(Image: Newslions Media / SWNS.COM)

The baby’s mouth was wiped as the crowd appear to be shouting instructions at each other on how to save the tot’s life.

The abandoned infant was rushed to a hospital and is now said to be in a stable condition.

This is not the first time a newborn baby has been found buried alive in India.

The tot’s face was sticking out of the earth
(Image: Newslions Media / SWNS.COM)

Locals frantically rescued the baby
(Image: Newslions Media / SWNS.COM)

A newborn girl was buried in a shallow grave allegedly by her parents who wanted a boy.

The three-day-old tot was found alive wrapped in cloth and placed inside a sealed clay pot which was buried three feet beneath the earth at a village crematorium in Northern India in December last year.

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Labourers who were digging a grave for a stillborn tot stumbled across the little girl who was called a fighter by medics.

The infant was wrapped in a cloth
(Image: Newslions Media / SWNS.COM)

The baby is in a stable condition in hospital
(Image: Newslions Media / SWNS.COM)

In January 2019 a three-week-old baby girl was found buried alive after her faint cries were heard by a local in Uttar Pradesh, northern India.

Her weak whimpers were heard as temperatures dropped to just 3C and she was rushed to hospital.

In 2017 a newborn girl was thrown into a thorny bush and left for dead by her parents in the city of Una in the Gujurat state.

Luckily she was found alive and covered in scratches under the plant.