Nicole Brown Simpson’s diaries detail horrific abuse at hands of O.J. Simpson

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Diary extracts from Nicole Brown Simpson detail the horrific abuse she allegedly suffered at the hands of O.J. Simpson.

The extracts are set to be unveiled during a two-hour Investigation Discovery special, O.J. & Nicole: An American Tragedy, which coincides with the 25th anniversary of Simpson’s acquittal in the infamous murder case.

According to Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper, Nicole wrote about 60 occasions that Simpson allegedly physically abused and threatened her – including during their turbulent marriage – claiming he flipped out into a jealous rage and smashed her car up, threw her against walls and repeatedly left her beaten and bruised.

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One time, she claimed, Simpson beat her so badly that he tore her sweater and her socks off her body, and he also screamed at her, “I have a gun in my hand, get the f— out of here!”

The extracts reveal Simpson’s alleged abuse up until he the deaths of Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman in 1994. He was acquitted of the murders in criminal court, he was later found “responsible” for their deaths in a civil trial in 1996.

Tanya Brown, Nicole’s sister, says in the film: “Maybe she knew this was her destiny and maybe subconsciously she knew something was going to happen. Maybe that’s why she kept real detailed diary entries.”

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The special premieres on Oct. 5 and will also feature appearances by family friend Ron Shipp, plus cops and lawyers who were a part of the investigation.