Nuggets 3-Pointers: Nuggets go as Jamal Murray goes in postseason. And it feels like they’re going home.

1. Jamal, Jamal, Jamal.  Credit to the Blue Arrow for putting the onus for the collapse in Game 3 on him. Unfortunately, the Clippers made sure Jamal Murray wouldn’t be able to turn the engine over in Game 4, with the unholy defensive trinity of Patrick Beverley, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George taking turns knocking No. 27 around. Murray whiffed on seven of his first 11 attempts and turned it over four times in his first 35 minutes of action. By the time he had righted the ship, it was too late.

2. MPJ gives you hope … for the future.  The kid still gets rookie brain-cramps. He still gets frozen defensively. But for all the ups and downs of Game 4, Wednesday was another progressive (and positive) learning experience for Michael Porter Jr. The high-flying rookie netted 15 points in the game’s first 41 minutes, making it the first time the Missouri product has produced double-digits in scoring over three consecutive postseason contests.

3. Hey, has the game started yet?  After a see-saw Game 3, Wednesday was begging for someone to grab the emotional reins in the series. The Clippers turned up at the tip. The Nuggets turned to stone. Los Angeles raced out to leads of 9-3, 13-5, 24-7 and 26-10. If the Nuggets wanted to make a statement after falling behind 2-1 in the series, then that statement went a little like this: Can we go home now? Soon, gentlemen. Soon.