Nurse loses custody of son, 5, after court rules her job is a coronavirus risk

A nurse has lost custody of her five-year-old son after a lawsuit with her estranged husband after a court ruled her job poses a health risk.

The court ruled that Cemile Deniz poses a health risk due to the possibility of contracting coronavirus while fighting to save human lives.

As a result, they have given custody of her son to his father, who works as a police officer.

The heroic 31-year-old works in the State Hospital Home Health Services department in the northern Turkish city of Ordu.

Cemile has filed for divorce against Mehmet Atakan Deniz after seven years of marriage and had already obtained provisional custody of their son Kuzey pending later court confirmation.

However, Mehmet complained that the boy was at risk of contracting coronavirus from his mother due to her risky job.

His attorney told the Ordu 2nd Family Court that he should be given custody, saying, “The child’s mother is an ambulance nurse and is constantly going in and out of people’s homes, the child is in grave danger from the coronavirus pandemic. “

The court agreed, saying, “Given the high infectivity of the novel coronavirus, it has been concluded that it is in the best interest of the child to give temporary custody to the father at this stage.”

Nurse loses custody of son, 5, after court rules her job is a coronavirus risk

Nurse loses custody of son, 5, after court rules her job is a coronavirus risk

The court has allowed Cemile to see her son over the weekend and that it will remain in place until the case is closed and a final custody decision is made.

The mother said, “We are all taking precautions against the coronavirus. The Department of Health gives me all my equipment. Before going to a patient’s home, they are checked to see if the residents of that home have COVID-19.

“Kuzey’s father is a police officer in Altinordu Municipality. His job is more at risk than mine. “

Ayse Akbulut Cubukcu, head of the Samsun branch of the Turkish Women’s Union, said: “It is very wrong to separate the child from the mother by taking advantage of the difficulties that caregivers are currently facing.

“This will be a bad example and any health professional who wants a divorce will face it. This is also a prejudice against women. “


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