Nutritious Vegetable Stems: Cannot be discarded, stems of these vegetables are also rich in nutrients

What a mess! Many people were throwing away the stems of vegetables full of nutrients for so many days without understanding it! When we think of eating vegetables, we eat its flowers, fruits or leaves. But there are some vegetables whose roots or stems are also quite tasty and rich in nutrients. So from now on you have to be careful when bringing vegetables.


Asparagus stems are rich in minerals. So all these vegetables can be cooked effortlessly. However, the lower part of the asparagus is a bit like sticky chewing gum. As a result, care should be taken while cooking to keep it soft. If not soft, chewing gum can be difficult.

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Whether soup or curry, celery doubles the taste of any position. Celery can also be eaten with cream or cheese dip. Celery stems can be chopped and spread to enhance the aroma of any position.


When cooking broccoli we only eat the top part of this vegetable. But many people do not know that the stems of these vegetables contain a lot of fiber. Broccoli stalks can be boiled a little and added to soups or any curry. Slightly boiled broccoli can also be eaten with dips of various flavors.

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Bamboo Shoots

Bamboo stems or bamboo shoots have already earned the nickname of super food for their nutritional value. Bamboo shoots are most commonly used in spring rolls. This vegetable can be boiled and cleaned well and given in soups or salads.


Rubber is not as well known as other vegetables. The stems of this vegetable are used in making chutneys and dips. This sour-tasting vegetable is mainly found in Europe and North America.

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Cauliflower does not have to be identified separately. Cauliflower stalks, like broccoli, are also rich in vitamins and nutrients. The stalk should be cut separately and boiled. After that it can be used to make cauliflower rice or roast. If boiled, it will benefit digestion.