Of Course There’s Such a Thing as an ‘Abortion Enthusiast’

Xavier Becerra speaks at the Democratic National Convention in 2016. (Mike Segar / Reuters)

The description fits not just Xavier Becerra, but most Democrats in Congress.

Onot On Monday, I wrote about Joe Biden’s decision to bring in Xavier Becerra, an unqualified abortion enthusiast, as health and social services secretary. For viewing Becerra as a procedural enthusiast, I have received considerable criticism from some readers on Twitter.

Calling Becerra a zealous abortion crusader was “vitriolic,” “irresponsible” and “incorrect,” and I had presented myself as a “talkative breather” and “ghoul,” according to these critics. Some suggested that I had unfairly disparaged all pro-choicers as enthusiasts, while others argued that there was “nothing like it” as an abortion enthusiast.

To those who read the article, it should have been obvious that I attributed the enthusiasm to Becerra, not to anyone who shares her general approach to the matter. As for the suggestion that there is “nothing like it” as an abortion enthusiast, well, that just isn’t true. After all, there is an organization called “Shout Your Abortion” that encourages women to cry out about their abortion without “sadness, shame or regret”. Without reservation, he declares that “abortion helps countless people live their best lives. We are the proof. This certainly does not sound like the sober sentiments of advocates who view abortion as a dilemma or a necessary evil.

Michelle Wolf, the comedian who saw her star rise briefly after making the courageous and unorthodox decision to target President Trump during her routine at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, is also excited about the procedure. Take the terrible “Hello to Abortion” to which she devoted part of one of ten episodes of her since-canceled Netflix show. In a quasi-religious ceremony, Wolf struts the stage in red, white and blue parade attire and a huge smile. Accompanied by a miniature marching band, Wolf announces, somewhat creative, “Abortion, I salute you! before calling it “a lot” to the cheers of the audience. (Wolf isn’t alone among the celebrities: During a podcast appearance in December 2016, actress Lena Dunham sadly admitted she wished she could say she had an abortion, before bragging about the The “bravery” and “self-knowledge” of the women who had done so.)

The exaltation of abortion is not limited to marginal activists and comedians either; it is widespread among traditional Democratic officials. Take, for example, the middle position of Senate Democrats. In February, only three Democrats in the upper house – Bob Casey, Joe Manchin and Doug Jones – voted to end the Ben Sasse-born Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which would simply “ban[ed] a health care professional not to exercise the appropriate level of care for a child who survives an abortion or an attempted abortion. For the vast majority of federal officials in the Democratic Party, it is not enough that abortion is de facto legal at any stage of pregnancy. They don’t want to just leave women’s options open; they want to protect and encourage one option before all others. This is not a grudging acceptance; it is reverence.

For her part, Becerra isn’t just of the opinion that abortion should be legal at any stage of development, for whatever reason. He thinks the opposite view is so outrageous that state power should be used to persecute those who hold it. In 2016, he voted against a bill intended to protect the conscientious rights of healthcare providers by prohibiting federal, state and local governments from punishing those who refused to “practice, refer, pay or participate. abortion ”. Later, as California’s attorney general, he overcharged pro-life activists who spoke out against Planned Parenthood’s fetal tissue trade, in an abuse of power that offended even left-wing media such as the Los Angeles Times and Mother Jones.

Even the First Amendment is less important to Becerra and other Democrats in California than the right to abortion. When the state legislature passed a law requiring pro-life pregnancy centers to distribute government-produced pro-choice publications to women who showed up at their doorstep, Becerra faithfully enforced it in flagrant violation of the law. Constitution he had sworn to support and defend. Predictably, this led to him being reprimanded in the Supreme Court.

I wish my detractors were right that there is “nothing like it” as an abortion enthusiast. If this were the case, not only would the public refrain from applauding when real ghouls like Michelle Wolf “salute” the proceedings, but pro-Choice officials would be much less absolute in their positions and less demanding in their pursuit of the process. penalties for professionals. -lives. Unfortunately, the truth is that the Democratic Party is more than just a voluntary home for abortion enthusiasts; it is dominated by them.