Omicron Cases Rajasthan Jaipur Reports 9 Cases Of Omicron From Single Family

Jaipur (Rajasthan): Nine members of the same family have been infected with Omicron, a new variant of coronavirus in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The family’s move to South Africa has also come to the fore. It is learned that four members of the family had returned from South Africa. Two of them are children. Their ages are 8 and 12 respectively. The other five came in contact with them. This has been reported in various media reports. According to the state health department, nine Omikron cases have been reported in Jaipur. In all, the number of victims of this new variant of Corona in India has increased to 21.

State Health Secretary Vaibhav Galleria said the family members from South Africa have been admitted to Rajasthan University of Health Sciences under the auspices of the health department. The test results of five more people who came in contact with them came back positive. They have also been admitted to Rajasthan University of Health Sciences.

According to Galleria, a family from Ajitgarh in Sikar district came in contact with the family. The health department has identified only eight members of Sikar’s family. However, their corona test report was negative. He has come in contact with the family members, all of them are being collected samples through contract tracing in a large scale.

Earlier, 8 more Omicron cases were found in Maharashtra. In all, eight people have been infected with Omicron in Maharashtra. According to the Maharashtra government, out of the six new cases of Omicron in the state, six are in Pune.

After Karnataka, Gujarat and Mumbai, Delhi has also been affected by Omicron. Dangerous variant of Corona has been found in the body of Tanzania returnee. According to the Kejriwal government, the corona virus was found in the bodies of 16 people who had returned to Tanzania from East Africa. 6 of them are from the same family. Dangerous variant of corona was found in the body of one of the victims. The 36-year-old man was admitted to the hospital on December 2 with some symptoms like body aches and fever. After that, Omicron’s fate matched his body.