Omicron variant infection update news, Omicron variant infection update news


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Omicron variant infection update news, Omicron variant infection update news

Infection of the omicron variant of corona virus has started increasing in India. After Karnataka, this time in Gujarat, the infection of Omicron variant has been caught. Researchers also say that there is no reason to be apprehensive about Omicron. Researchers, after preliminary research, have claimed that the infection of this Omicron variant is similar to that of common cold and cough.

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The whole world is trembling with fear of Omicron variant. Omicron variants have already spread to 29 countries. But in no country have so many symptoms been found in a person infected with the Omicron variant. Sore throat, no symptoms like loss of taste. I have a cold. However, the symptoms are very slight. The death toll from this infection is also much lower. Researchers have also claimed that the delta variant is 3 times more contagious or omicron. But doctors in South Africa have claimed that the Omicron patient did not show any symptoms.

Another researcher claims that Omicron will remain the same as the common cold. Researchers at the University of Massachusetts and the University of Cambridge have claimed that the Omicrum variant is the most common form of those who have low immunity and are very weak. They claim that the number of HIV patients is higher in the South African countries where Omicron variants first started spreading the virus. It goes without saying that they do not have immunity. That’s why the Omicron variant has been able to spread the infection there.

In India, 3 people have already been infected with Omicron variant. In Gujarat, a person has been infected with Omicron variant. Earlier, two people were diagnosed with Omicron variant in Karnataka. The 12 people admitted to the hospital in Delhi are also suspected to be infected with Omicron variant.

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Coronavirus omicron varient update news

Story first published: Saturday, December 4, 2021, 19:01 [IST]