One of the Richest Bitcoin Whales in Existence Just Moved $95,000,000 in BTC – Here’s Where the Crypto Is Going

Crypto insiders are following a multi-million dollar Bitcoin transaction from one of the richest BTC whales in existence.

The high-rolling crypto holder moved a total of 10,250 BTC worth $95 million with a transaction fee of just 74 cents.


The transaction was first spotted by blockchain tracking bot Bitcoin Block Bot. According to the most recent block explorer data, the big time crypto owner divided the Bitcoin into two separate wallets, sending 10,250 BTC to one, unknown wallet and sending the change of 6,412 BTC to another wallet of unknown origin.

BitInfoCharts reveals that before the latest transaction, the wallet held 16,662 BTC which would make it the 43rd largest known BTC wallet in existence. The wallet also has a long history of sending and receiving large amounts of BTC that can be traced as far back as April 18th.

It appears the Bitcoin in question was not sent to any known crypto exchange, where it could be sold on the open market.

The Bitcoin whale involved could be an early adopter who is trading BTC over-the-counter or moving BTC across multiple wallets for security and management purposes. It is also possible that the entity behind the big transfer is a cryptocurrency exchange, custody provider, or institution managing digital assets on behalf of its clients.