'Orgasm cult run by female messiah' in FBI probe over 'prostitution' claims

An “orgasm cult” led by a “messianic” female leader where women were “stoked” by men during “wellness” classes is being investigated by the FBI amid prostitution claims.

OneTaste was co-founded in 2004 by Nicola Daedone in California and focuses on the practice of “orgasmic meditation”.

OneTaste is all about a woman naked from the waist down for 15 minutes to let her clitoris “caressed” by a man, either her own partner or another paying customer.

The company, which has been labeled a “sex cult,” is under investigation for allegations including sex trafficking, prostitution and violations of labor laws.

Thousands of clients have signed up to learn orgasmic meditation, drawn to the co-founder’s promises that it could improve their sex lives. Daedone also insisted that the practice should one day be widely used, such as yoga or meditation.

Some programs cost up to $ 60,000 (£ 45,000), but it’s hampered by claims from ex-clients who say they were in debt after paying for expensive lessons.

Former employees have also said they were told to engage in sexual relations with potential customers to close the sale.

OneTaste denies the claims, saying “all allegations of abuse are completely false”.

The company is not allowed to offer classes while the FBI is investigating its activities.


Journalist Nastaran Tavakoli-Far has produced a podcast called The Orgasm Cult that investigates the company. As part of her research, she spoke to dozens of people involved with OneTaste.

A former client who became an employee said she had post-traumatic stress disorder upon her departure.

She said, “I had full PTSD when I left OneTaste.

‘I had a lot of scars and was very scared. I suffered from nightmares, a deep feeling of depression and loneliness and low self-esteem for about two years. ‘

The practice of orgasmic meditation was first introduced to Daedone by a Buddhist monk. She started teaching it in 2001.

OneTaste has repackaged the concept and sold it to customers in expensive sessions.

A OneTaste spokesperson said, “All allegations of abuse are completely false.

“OneTaste was an organization that helped people increase health, happiness and connection through methods that combined mindfulness and sexuality.

“More than 300,000 people worldwide practice orgasmic meditation. Many have experienced profound healing and transformation.”