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Orlando Airport clarifies COVID-19 case count ahead of NBA’s planned return

Three weeks before MLS stages a tournament in the city and six weeks before the NBA’s planned return in the area, the city is running damage control after the state insinuated 52% of employees tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Tuesday that a high number of employees at the airport tested positive for COVID-19 after nearly 500 were prescribed tests amidst reports of an outbreak and the state’s rising numbers.

Orlando’s News 6 reported Wednesday that 260 of those 500 Orlando airport workers came back with positive novel coronavirus test results, a rate of around 52%.

However, Orlando International Airport clarified Wednesday afternoon.

“Five hundred COVID-19 tests were performed over three days by the Florida Department of Health at Orlando International Airport last week. Of those tests, only two were positive,” the statement read. “In total, there have been 260 confirmed cases, which includes 132 airport employees out of the more than 25,000 employees who work here. The other 128 are not employees of the airport, but have traceable connections to our employees.”

MLS is relaunching the league’s 25th season with a 54-game tournament at Wide World of Sports at Disney Resort starting July 8. The event is scheduled to end Aug. 11.

The NBA is scheduling a resumption of the 2019-2020 season on July 30 with the NBA Finals ending in October. All games are scheduled to be played in Orlando.

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