Oxford and Cambridge Universities to Face off in Crypto Trading Duel

Source: Adobe / Launch

The rivalry between students from British universities of Oxford and Cambridge is about to take on a crypto bias.

Their history of (usually friendly) antagonism goes back centuries, perhaps as far as 1209 when Per Cambridge Records, a group of Oxford scholars, fled hostile citizens and settled in Cambridge to start their own university.

The universities have since maintained a fiery but friendly rivalry. Events such as the annual Thames boat race allow rival students to duck on the water.

But the two famous learning venues have now turned to blockchain technology for a brand new way that students can compete for boastful rights – via an algorithmic trading competition that allows students from both academic powerhouses to compete in cryptoasset trading .

Hosted by the London-based digital asset analytics platform APEX: E3The competition is supported by a number of exchange and blockchain companies including Coinbase, FTX, SIX Digital Exchange, LMAX Digital and ConsenSys Mesh.

The participating students from the mathematics and computer science department were on board on November 16, and the competition is slated to close in December 2020, the operator of the platform said in a press release.

The teams’ efforts are judged by a panel of industry judges who rate their performance against the return on investment, trading strategy and technical algo design categories.

As part of the competition, each team receives seed capital, technical support and commercial support. The winning team will receive an additional crypto-flavored reward: they can keep their seed capital and any income from their trades.

Peter Stillwell, Head of European Operations at Coinbase, stated:

“It’s something we’re all excited about introducing and educating students at a time when people around the world are looking for new ways to learn and challenge themselves.”

Meanwhile, Usman Khan, CEO of APEX: E3, said the company is “really excited” by the initial feedback from students in Oxford and Cambridge and looks forward to increasing the number of participating universities in 2021.

Founded in 2019, APEX: E3 claims to track more than 5,000 markets and support around 20 exchanges.

A similar inter-university crypto tradedown is currently taking place in Japan, with a number of top-level economics and math students attending.
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