'Paranoid' Kim Jong-un has 'two executed' amid Covid outbreak and 'bans c-word'

Kim Jong-un’s fear of the coronavirus has led him to take “ irrational actions, ” including carrying out an execution.

The despot’s fear of Covid-19 in mysterious North Korea has also led him to ban fishing for fear the ocean may be contaminated with the deadly disease.

The claims were made by Ha Tae-keung, who was briefed by South Korea’s National Intelligence Service.

New reports from Yonhap News Agency alleges that in August he ordered the death of an official for bringing in banned goods amid tighter customs controls at the border as a result of the new coronavirus pandemic.

He has also stopped fishing and salt mining at sea over fears that seawater could become contaminated with the respiratory disease, which has killed more than a million people worldwide to date.

The paranoid dictator, 36, executed a “high chance on the Pyongyang currency exchange market for a sudden exchange rate swings” in late October.

Despite its alleged concerns about the virus, which would put the country’s limited health facilities under extreme pressure, the North Korean government claims that no case of coronavirus has been reported since the pandemic last December.

Earlier this month, Daily NK, a defectors website claimed that the coronavirus is in reality strongly affecting North Korea.

They reported that the brutal regime has exiled patients to one of nine quarantine prisons, where they are given a meager portion of ‘salty soup and corn rice’ and are forced to sleep on the floor.

'Paranoid' Kim Jong-un has 'two executed' amid Covid outbreak and 'bans c-word'

They do not receive medical care and many patients are starving.

When a patient dies, his body is cremated on the spot and his remains are sent to his family without any explanation.

Some who arrived with only mild symptoms, such as a fever, eventually fell ill and died of malnutrition, a new report claims amid a surge in the number of North Koreans being quarantined.

'Paranoid' Kim Jong-un has 'two executed' amid Covid outbreak and 'bans c-word'

Kim Jong-un’s cronies have also reportedly prohibited people from uttering the words “coronavirus” and “infectious disease.”

The coronavirus is not the only challenge for Kim Jong-un.

'Paranoid' Kim Jong-un has 'two executed' amid Covid outbreak and 'bans c-word'

The South Korean government official also announced that he is concerned that he will not be able to maintain his friendly relationship with the US as President Donald Trump is on his way to leave the White House.

They claim he is planning a massive parade to showcase the country’s military might ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration.