Parents blame themselves for baby's eczema thanks to social media

Nearly half of children under the age of three have dry, sensitive skin or skin prone to eczema (49%), and more than half (56%) of parents blame themselves for their baby’s suffering , according to new research released today by Baby Dove.

And social media can fuel the problem, with 75% of parents saying they only see babies with “ perfect ” skin on their diets.

Despite the prevalence of dry and sensitive skin in children, the majority (61%) of parents experience confusion about its causes, and a third are unsure what the triggers are (34%). This leads to fear of parents saying they find it difficult to see their children suffer (79%), with the result that nearly a third (32%) feel like a neglected parent.

The willingness to talk openly about the problem is part of the problem. Three-quarters of parents (75%) think social media creates unrealistic expectations of what a child’s skin should look like – agree they don’t see many photos of babies with sensitive / dry or skin prone to eczema in their nutrition. Alarmingly, nearly one in five (18%) people have seen their baby’s skin filter on Instagram, and nearly half are concerned that people will rate them (45%) or their child (46%) because of the condition of their child’s skin.

With nearly eight in ten (79%) saying that more parents should talk openly about eczema-prone skin in children to help other parents live the same experience, Baby Dove is partnering with Zoe Hardman, TV presenter, radio broadcaster, and co. – founder of the Made by Mamas podcast to share her personal experience with her son Kit.

Zoe Hardman: “Kit has been suffering from eczema outbreaks since he was born. Last Christmas he had a particularly bad outbreak and I was completely lost. I was annoyed and helpless because I ran out of ideas after trying everything I could think of to ease his suffering. Desperately, I shared a post on my Instagram begging for answers from other parents. I received an overwhelming response from other parents whose children also suffered – I no longer felt alone or guilty. As a parent, you feel it is your responsibility to protect your babies from pain, which is why it can be heartbreaking to see them suffer. I think if more of us share our experiences, we can only grow stronger together and support each other – it takes a village as we know! ”

In addition to the emotional impact, more than a third of parents also believe that their child’s dry, sensitive, or eczema-prone skin has affected their child’s development, preventing them from crawling or walking because their skin feels sore. To help solve the problem, Baby Dove is launching its new Dermacare range, suitable for babies prone to eczema.

Pediatric dermatologist Dr. Laura Proudfoot commented, “It is worrying that so many parents blame themselves for their child’s dry or sensitive skin when this is not the case at all. Baby skin is very different from adult skin: he is 30 % thinner and can lose moisture up to five times faster, making it more vulnerable to damage and dehydration, so it’s no surprise that many babies experience these problems.

“The good news is that dry skin can often be treated well with the right products and advice. For skin that needs gentle care, the new Baby Dove Dermacare wax and cream may be a good option, as it is formulated with colloidal oatmeal and prebiotic moisturizer to gently cleanse your baby’s dry or sensitive skin. soothe and moisturize. It is also free from sulfate SLES, dyes and fragrances, which is so important for sensitive baby skin. “

Pediatric dermatologist, Dr. best tips Laura Proudfoot for the care of the baby skin:

Scented products, including washes and lotions, can further irritate and sensitize your baby’s skin. Choose fragrance-free products as they are softer and you will not find a better fragrance than a new baby scent.

A short, daily bath with an ultra-soft, soap-free cleanser helps cleanse and moisturize baby’s skin and protects against the drying effects of hard water. It can also become a lovely part of bedtime baby time.

The crib cap is mild and short-lived in many, but may be the first sign of a more common problem with sensitive skin, such as eczema, in some babies. Baby Dove Dermacare Moisturizing Wash is ultra-soft, tear-free and suitable for both the scalp and the body. Used once a week or more, it can help keep the scaly scalp soft and supple.

Richer and thicker than water-based lotions, creams retain moisture better and help restore the skin’s natural barrier. Baby Dove Dermacare Moisturizing Cream spreads easily, moisturizes and helps keep baby skin soft and supple. It is also enriched with colloidal oatmeal, which is known for its soothing and moisturizing properties, making it suitable for babies prone to eczema.

When the weather gets better, don’t forget to protect your little one’s skin from the sun. In young children, I recommend “physical” mineral-based sunscreens that contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide because they reflect the light from the skin and are generally better tolerated, especially in people with sensitive skin.

  • Know when to see your doctor

Bathing with a soap-free cleanser and regular moisturizing are so important to keep dry skin at bay, but if dry patches persist or your baby develops more widespread eczema, ask your doctor or a specialist dermatologist as a medicated anti-inflammatory ointment and allergy exam needed.


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