Pennsylvania election results: Biden wins

Joe Biden has won Pennsylvania — and enough other states to win the presidency.

The state was once the centerpiece of Donald Trump’s hopes for a second term, but as more votes are counted, Biden slowly but surely gained an edge.

The votes should continue trickling in throughout the day from Biden-friendly places like Philadelphia and Chester County, and swing counties like Bucks that are breaking for Biden. On Wednesday, Trump’s apparent lead shrank dramatically as the ballots from the more Democratic parts of the state were counted.

Why has it taken so long? The Republican state legislature all but guaranteed the outcome would not be known on election night by refusing to come to a deal with Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf that would allow local election officials to start counting early voting and mail-in ballots before the day of the election.

While Trump has now falsely claimed the delay in counting mail ballots is evidence of fraud, it’s a situation specifically engineered by Pennsylvania Republicans. Whatever the president might declare, the results are still being tabulated, and local election officials have promised the public that every legitimately cast vote will be counted.

With Trump winning the biggest prizes in the Sun Belt — Florida and Texas — Pennsylvania’s importance became more and more evident over the course of election night. Trump won the state, which awards 20 votes in the Electoral College, by fewer than 50,000 votes against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

The Electoral College math for Joe Biden has always been fairly simple: If he could flip Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, and every other state voted the same way it did in 2016, he would win the presidency. (He’s already won the second two states.) Biden also still has a chance to flip some Trump 2016 states (Arizona and Georgia appear to be the likeliest candidates), but the Rust Belt was and is his clearest path to the White House.

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Pennsylvania is also the most likely battleground for legal challenges to the vote, with Republicans signaling on election night that they would sue to stop votes from being counted.

Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani is purportedly launching a legal fight, and the president has falsely claimed victory in the state. Election officials in Philadelphia, meanwhile, are livestreaming their vote count.

Political observers preached patience in watching Pennsylvania’s results, when Trump appeared to have a big lead from in-person voting. With the presidential election coming down to a handful of states, that advice looks prescient now.

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