Pennsylvania Republicans File Emergency Lawsuit to Block Certification of Election Results

A supporter of President Trump protests the election results in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November 8, 2020. (Mark Makela / Reuters)

A group of Pennsylvania Republicans filed a lawsuit this weekend to block certification of the state’s election results in an eleventh-hour attempt to overturn Joe Biden’s victory in the key state’s field of battle.

The emergency petition, filed in state court, challenges a voting reform bill that was passed by the Pennsylvania Republican legislature in October last year. Lawsuit Says Unconditional Mail-in Voting Law ‘Unconstitutional’ and Aimed at Preventing Pennsylvania Counties from Certifying Their Voting Results Before Monday’s Deadline to Do so and invalidating millions postal ballot issued in the 2020 election.

The group is led by a representative from Pennsylvania Mike Kelly and GOP congressional candidate Sean Parnell, who has not conceded since being defeated this month by Democratic rival, Rep. Conor Lamb. Their lawsuit names Democratic Governor Tom Wolf, the GOP-led legislature and Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar as defendants.

Meanwhile, a federal judge on Saturday dismissed a Trump campaign lawsuit to strike down millions of votes in Pennsylvania and block certification of the state’s election results. Trump wrote in a tweet on Saturday night that he planned to appeal the decision.

About 2.6 million voters in Pennsylvania voted by mail in this month’s general election. Biden won three out of four ballots in the state, according to a analysis data from the Pennsylvania State Department.

Biden won Pennsylvania by more than 80,000 votes against President Trump and is expected to win Keystone State’s coveted 20 electoral votes. States have until December 8 to resolve electoral disputes, and voters will meet on December 14 to officially vote for the next president.

In recent weeks, Trump has alleged that voter fraud occurred on a large scale through mail-in ballots. The president claimed he won the election and refused to concede even though his lawyers did not produce sufficient evidence of fraud to alter the election outcome.