Pensioner, 80, 'stabbed bingo partner, 83, to death before stealing £7K'

Spanish officers have arrested an 80-year-old man after a woman, 83, was robbed and killed.

Officers carried out the arrest following the brutal murder of the woman in her flat in May last year.

Neighbours entered her flat in Fuenlabrada, a town near Madrid, and alerted officers after they found her body which had several stab wounds.

Police said she had been killed the day before she was found and after being robbed.

They estimated that between £6,170 and £7,055 in cash was stolen as well as a large amount of jewellery.

Officers also noticed that her front door was open, which suggested that she might have known her attacker.

The Policia Nacional said in a statement today: “The investigation led to a man, also in his 80s, who was a friend of the victim and who used to play bingo with her in their neighbourhood.

“Further inquiries allowed officers to determine that, in the days following the crime, the main suspect had gone to the same bingo hall with large quantities of money.”

Crime scene evidence also led officers to thee man’s home, the statement added.

It continued: “A search of the suspect’s home turned up various objects, among them two jewellery boxes that appear to have belonged to the victim.

“The man has appeared before a judge and is now in pre-trial detention.”

Neighbours expressed their fondness for the murdered woman.

One told local media: “She was really nice to everyone and she always used to call me a lot when she had problems with her plumbing.

“She was a great, fantastic and really humble person.

“But she was too trusting and used to leave the door of her house open when she went to take the rubbish out.”