Piers lashes out at troll who wished him dead after Covid-19 test
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Piers lashes out at troll who wished him dead after Covid-19 test

Piers Morgan slammed a troll wishing him dead after being tested on Covid-19, which came back negative.

On today’s Good Morning Britain episode, the TV host shamed the evil troll ‘Chloe’ after revealing the terrible abuse he received after the test.

It’s because Piers spoke to journalist Kevin Maguire via webcam, where the couple discussed Miriam Margolyes’s criticism of Boris Johnson.

Watch the video above to see when Piers shames the troll

The 78-year-old actress caused nearly 250 Ofcom complaints after appearing on The Last Leg on Friday night.

The Harry Potter star said on the show that she couldn’t wish for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to die after developing Covid-19.

Piers and Kevin condemned Margolyes’ comments to the prime minister, in which Piers revealed a series of nauseating assaults that last week had developed “mild” symptoms similar to Covid-19, prompting him to take a test.

Kevin Maguire, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Mirror, said of Margolyes’ comments, “I think Boris Johnson is an incompetent, lazy, cynical liar, but I never wanted him to die.

“I hope he got through it and got well soon. I’m afraid there will be many people who want to let all kinds of people die. I don’t think it suits them well. ”

Piers added, “I had a bit of this when I revealed I had a coronavirus symptom, so took a test and waited for the results.

“There were those who wanted to test me for positive, who wanted to make me sick – and when I revealed that I had tested negative, a woman named Chloe said,” Oh what a shame. I wish you died. ”

He continued, “I don’t understand that mentality. What happens to society where we cannot discuss something – no matter how animated? “

Co-host Susanna Reid agreed with Piers, calling the abuse he received on social media “Shocking.”


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