Piers Morgan would return to Britain’s Got Talent – if he can fire David Walliams

Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan has admitted he is considering a return to Britain’s Got Talent – but only if he can sack David Walliams.

The pair have been involved in a long-running feud firing a series of acid barbs at each other for more than a year.

Now, in an exclusive interview with the Sunday Mirror, Piers tells how he was approached by ITV chiefs after BGT supremo Simon Cowell broke his back in an accident.

However, it was reported that David threatened to quit if Piers – a judge when BGT launched in 2007 – returned to the show.

Piers said: “I do have conversations with BGT every now and again, particularly after Simon had his injury. But I couldn’t work with Walliams. I think he is a duplicitous, treacherous, piece of work.

“He is one of those people who says one thing to your face and then sticks it to you behind your back. If he was sitting there I wouldn’t be interested. But if he wasn’t sitting there, who knows?”

Controversial Piers than issued his latest ultimatum, which is sure to prolong the war of words.

Piers Morgan would return to Britain's Got Talent - if he can fire David Walliams
David Walliams

He says: “I will come back to BGT if the money is right and if they guarantee Walliams gets fired. I might even make it a contractual clause that I get to be the one who tells him he is fired.

“If I was him I would stick to writing his children’s books.”

The squabble began after Piers uncovered a series of “nasty” tweets David had liked in October 2019.

The row escalated with Piers saying: “Amusing that @davidwalliams regularly ‘likes’ nastiest tweets about me, yet is such a snivelling toady to my face. Not my fault @BGT ratings were higher when I was in your chair Dave!”

Piers Morgan would return to Britain's Got Talent - if he can fire David Walliams
Piers Morgan back in his BGT days

David then liked a tweet saying Piers’ “transformation to Trump-loving, Farage and Johnson a**e kissing populism has been sad to behold”.

David’s BGT deal ends in 2021 – the same time as Piers is tied to Good Morning Britain, which he hosts with Susanna Reid.

Piers, 55, is known for his straight talking, an acid tongue, and a litany of showbiz feuds. Many of these are covered in his new book Wake Up, in which he dissects the “woke” brigade and calls for a return to less hysterical ways of communicating.

But this year he has turned the tables by calling out the Government and famously telling his old pal President Trump to “shut the **** up” over Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter protests.

And today Piers revealed he spoke to Donald this week – proving Trump has forgiven him.

Piers tweeted: “Just had a 25-minute chat on the phone with President @realDonaldTrump from the White House. His last words? ‘Piers, I’m going to win.’

“We talked about all sorts of stuff – the election, coronavirus, this week’s debate, Joe Biden, Boris Johnson… and scam phone calls he’d received from people pretending to be me.”

Trump then retweeted an image of Piers’ new book, captioning it: “An Apprentice Champion. Check out his very interesting new book!”

* Wake Up, by Piers Morgan, is out now. Published by Harper Collins.