Pigeons ‘too lazy to fly’ stun commuters by casually hopping on train in TikTok clip

Footage of pigeons calmly riding a train and then hopping off when the doors open has baffled commuters – with some claiming the birds know exactly what they are doing.

In the clip, uploaded on TikTok by user @farohnatt, the birds are sat in a carriage next to the train doors and preening themselves while watching the city scenery pass them by in Sydney, Australia.

When the train starts to slow down and pull into a station, the feathered animals stop what they are doing and appear to look up expectantly.

The automatic doors then slide open and instead of being startled, the pigeons confidently disembark onto the platform with a little hop.

Seeming amused by the pigeons’ antics, the man recording them waves goodbye at them through the window.

The pigeons stand facing the doors and then hop off
The pigeons stand facing the doors and then hop off

In the caption, the TikTok user joked: “Don’t wanna fly birds so just catch the trains from Central to Redfern instead.”

The video has been watched more than 417,000 times since it was uploaded three days ago on November 14, with many viewers stunned by the pigeons’ behaviour.

One person commented: “No not lazy birds. Smart birds.”

The 'lazy' pigeons get off at the next stop
The ‘lazy’ pigeons get off at the next stop

Another viewer noted: “They just walked out like regular passengers. They’ve definitely done this before.”

“Something tells me that wasn’t their first time,” someone else commented.

A fourth person wrote: “That was so funny and hilarious those are smart birds.”

The lovebirds were “going on a date”, reckoned another fan.

Although commonly referred to as “rats with wings”, urban pigeons are surprisingly intelligent and among their achievements can count up to nine, distinguish a Monet from a Picasso painting, and understand up to 58 human words, according to psychologytoday.com.

This makes them as clever as chimpanzees in many regards.

Last year, a plucky pigeon was caught stealing Armistice Day poppies to make a beautiful nest next to a stained glass window at the memorial.