Pit bull terrier makes 'dolphin-like' blubbering sound when it meets new kitten

An “overly dramatic” pit bull was recorded singing with heart and soul when he was finally introduced to his family’s new kitten.

In the clip, uploaded on TikTok by user @ kyliealexis16the excited dog sits next to his owner and stares at the week-old cat, while a strange high-pitched chatter comes from his mouth.

Apparently, the kitten continues to watch from its position on the sofa.

The pit bull’s owner tries to gently “silence” him as he continues to wiggle his mouth and make the hilarious sound that some viewers have likened to a dolphin or even a seal.

It was captioned, “When your dog finally gets to see the kitten, you’ll be hiding in the bathroom for two weeks.”

Unsurprisingly, the video has been viewed over 4.1 million times and received thousands of comments, with many weighing in on how the sound was.

“That’s not a dog, it’s a turkey,” one said.

The kitten looked at the pit bull and was unafraid

A second viewer joked, “He got so excited he turned into a dolphin.”

‘That’s not your dog anymore. That’s a seal, ”another amused person joked.

“Pit bulls are so overly dramatic,” commented someone else.

A few users were concerned that it was dangerous for a pit bull and a cat to live together, but the owner assured them that the dog had grown up among the many felines.

Owner Kylie Alexis explained the dog’s behavior in more detail: “He grew up with cats.

“I just hid this kitten for a few weeks until he got a vet check up.”

This comes after an adorable video showed a cat who has raised a dog from puppyhood to lick its head every night before bed, melting the hearts of animal lovers.

Another video shows how a dog and cat with an unbreakable friendship huddle together for hugs every day while their owner is at work.