Pizza shop worker lies about Covid and sparks pointless lockdown for millions

An entire state was shut down for six days because a pizza shop employee lied about the coronavirus, police said.

The employee led to the unnecessary shutdown of millions of people when he cheated on officials with his made-up story about Covid-19.

Through a statement from his attorney, the unnamed Spanish employee said he was “deeply sorry” for arranging for South Australia to be put into harsh confinement.

Scott Jelbert, his attorney, said on Tuesday, “He is extremely sorry and deeply sorry for the role his behavior has played in unnecessary lockdown actions.

“He did not foresee or intend for things to unfold as they are.”

South Australia was placed under a six-day residency assignment after authorities concluded that Covid-19 had spread from a Woodville Pizza Bar employee to a customer.

Officials turned red when it was revealed that the man who claimed to be a customer was in fact an employee who had worked several shifts.

The man contracted the virus from a colleague at the pizza bar, who had another job as a security guard at the Peppers medi hotel, reported.

The employee under investigation also had a second job, working as a kitchen assistant at the Stamford Plaza media hotel.

His attorney said he has not seen the news or social media since he went into quarantine.

Pizza shop worker lies about Covid and sparks pointless lockdown for millions

Mr. Jelbert added, “However, I have been instructed that some information is not fair, accurate or complete, despite comments from the state government.

He’s worried he’s as good as publicly mentioned. He is genuinely concerned about the impact of the lockdown on South Australians

“My client has not been charged with any violation of the law, but in the circumstances, including the fact that such charges may arise, no further comment on those matters is warranted at this time.”

At a press conference on Friday, Prime Minister Steven Marshall said the man had “deliberately misled contact seekers.”

“We now know they lied,” he said. “To say that I am furious about this person’s actions is an understatement.”

Police patrolled outside the Woodville Pizza Bar on Friday afternoon, fearing the storefront would be destroyed due to anger over his role in triggering the lockdown.