Plane passengers scream after evacuating plane as girl, 2, kept ripping off mask

Passengers were forced to leave a plane in the United States after a two-year-old girl did not want to wear a mask, it has been revealed.

The dispute between aeroplane staff and the family happened despite other passengers coming to the child’s defence.

Airline JetBlue said it recently updated its policy and now required all passengers to wear face coverings, which included children aged two and over.

It was reportedly in line with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

Footage of what happened on board was captured on the Newark-bound flight, which showed a woman pleaded with flight attendants.

The woman was the child’s mum, Chaya Bruck, from Brooklyn, New York, and spoke to local media about the incident.

She claimed the experience was traumatising and almost left her family stranded in Florida.

Chaya had been travelling with her six children and had expected a relatively smooth journey from Orlando to Newark Airport on Wednesday.

An argument started when a flight attendant brought up the child’s age, with the woman believing her girl had been exempt from wearing a mask.


Chaya: “He said no, she has to cover her nose and her mouth, and I said I could try but then she was pulling it off.

“A few minutes later, they came to me and they told me that I have to gather my things and I have to get off the plane.”

When she refused – several other passengers begged for her and the girl to be left alone.

Child kicked off plane

But an announcement came in shortly afterwards that everyone would have to get off the plane.

JetBlue staff said they would try to get as many people back on the flight as quickly as possible, though Chaya felt terrible about how she was treated.

Child kicked off plane

She continued: “They were horrible, nasty, my kids were crying. Really traumatising.

“I asked them, ‘should I tie her hands and feet? What do you want me to do?’ They just wanted me off the plane.”

The woman’s husband later added he intends to file a lawsuit against JetBlue.