Playboy socialite turns up at wedding with six pregnant women on his arm

A Nigerian playboy caught the eye when he appeared at a wedding with six pregnant women.

The socialite, nicknamed ‘Pretty Mike’, was a guest at actor Williams Uchemba’s wedding.

He claims that the multitude of expectant mothers were all impregnated by him.

All the ladies wore matching silver dresses, while the club owner appeared in a bright pink suit. The astonishing scene made tongues wag on social media.

One person wrote: “Pretty Mike needs to be placed in a psychiatric intensive care unit, he’s clearly showing symptoms of mental illness.

“And for those ladies, 6,000 years of pregnancy is enough.”

A social media user accused Pretty Mike of deceiving the bride and groom.

They said, “Beautiful Mike appeared at Williams Uchemba’s wedding with 6 pregnant women. He was standing at the door rubbing their bellies.

This is one of the reasons why I must have a heavy military presence in my wedding venue.

“You won’t come after influence on my special day.”

A third person posted a video of the event with the caption, “Not Pretty Mike Appears at Williams Uchemba’s Wedding with 6 Pregnant Women.”

The photos of the glitzy wedding quickly went viral on social media.

Known as a playboy in Nigeria, Pretty Mike has been open about his social media relationships and the women he dates.

In February of this year, the socialite said that a beautiful woman is not meant for just one man.

He said, “I don’t know who needs to hear this, but a beautiful lady is not meant for just one man, so to keep one for yourself in this Lagos (Nigeria’s largest city), you must be able to do what 11 men can do. “