PM says Covid vaccine will allow Brits to 'reclaim our lives'

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said vaccine protection will allow the British to “reclaim our lives” and get the economy moving.

He shared the Prime Minister’s questions in the House of Commons: “I know the whole House wants to welcome with me the fantastic news that the MHRA has formally approved the Pfizer vaccine for Covid-19.

“The vaccine will be available in the UK from next week.”

Mr Johnson said he wanted to pay tribute to all those who made this possible, adding, “It is the protection of vaccines that will ultimately enable us to reclaim our lives and get our economy back on track. “

Conservative MP Chris Green (Bolton West) sought assurances that people can get the Covid-19 vaccines on a voluntary basis, to which Boris Johnson replied in the House of Commons, “Absolutely. I strongly urge people to take the vaccine, but it is not part of our culture or our ambition in this country to make vaccines mandatory.

“That’s not how we do things.”