Police arrest 'cannibal' wanted for murder after human bones found in park

A suspected cannibal has been arrested after human bones were found in a park.

Police believe the remains found in northern Berlin belong to a 44-year-old man who went missing two months ago.

They arrested a man on suspicion of sexually motivated murder and cannibalism, according to German media.

Police dogs brought the police to the suspect’s apartment in Berlin. He is reportedly a 41-year-old math teacher named Stefan R.

Traces of the alleged victim’s blood were also found in the apartment after forensic tests, according to the Berliner Morgenpost, which led to the arrest of Stefan R.

Research found that the 41-year-old had browsed cannibalism-related forums online and previously asked the internet if a person could survive after their penis was cut, according to statue.

People strolling through the park in Buch found the bones, presumably the remains of Stefan Trogisch, on November 8.

A police officer told the Berlin daily BZ that one bone “contained no meat at all”.

The meatless bones found by pedestrians in the park raised suspicions that the meat had been artificially removed.

“Because of the completely meatless bone and other evidence, we strongly suspect that Stefan Trogisch was the victim of a cannibal,” said a police spokesman.

The suspected murderer had visited “relevant internet chat rooms,” German news agency DPA reported.

Due to German privacy law, surnames of suspects are not disclosed in police investigations.

Police arrest 'cannibal' wanted for murder after human bones found in park

Victim Stefan Trogisch, an electrical engineer, left his apartment just before midnight on September 5 and was later reported missing by roommates.

He has not been seen since then.

The suspect has so far refused to answer questions.

German media compare this case with that of Armin Meiwes, a German cannibal who was sentenced to life in 2006.

It turned out he had met his victim in an internet chat room for people interested in cannibalism.

He filmed the murder and prosecutors said Meiwes, 44, had murdered his 43-year-old male victim for his own sexual pleasure.