Police Disperse Protesters with Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets Outside White House as Trump Addresses the Nation
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Police Disperse Protesters with Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets Outside White House as Trump Addresses the Nation

President Donald Trump made a statement in the White House Rose Garden on the ongoing protests following George Floyd’s death on June 1, 2020. (Tom Brenner / Reuters)

President Trump promised to “ fight to protect the country ” in a speech at the Rose Garden on Monday night, as protesters clashed with police less than a mile away amid nationwide protests following the death of George Floyd.

“I mobilize all available federal resources, both civilian and military, to stop the riots and looting, end destruction and arson, and protect the rights of law-abiding Americans, including your 2nd Amendment rights,” Trump said in his speech, adding After widespread riots, he sent “thousands and thousands of heavily armed soldiers military” to the country’s capital. “These are not peaceful actions. These are domestic acts of terror, ”he warned.

“I’ll fight to protect you. I am your president of public policy and an ally of all peaceful protesters, ”said the president.

Trump also suggested appealing to the Insurrection Act, a 19th-century law that would allow him to deploy the military inland if governors don’t deploy the National Guard in sufficient numbers to take to the streets. to dominate ‘. Earlier Monday, Trump repeatedly told the country’s governors to “dominate” the situation. After his speech, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker on CNN said it would be “illegal” for Trump to deploy troops. While the use of the law is rare, then President George H.W. Bush enlisted the law in 1992 to send the military to Los Angeles during the Rodney King riots.

Trump ended his speech by saying he would “pay respect” to a “very special place,” then left the White House to walk there and visit the historic St. John’s Episcopal Church – which was held on Sunday. burned by rioters at night.

Largest country in the world. And we’re going to keep it safe, ” said Trump, posing for pictures with a Bible.

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