Poor puppy found abandoned on street with two front paws hacked off

A poor puppy was found wandering a city street with his front legs severed.

The badly injured dog was discovered in the Turkish city of Samsun and rescued by members of the local Animal Rights Federation (HAYTAP).

It was immediately taken to a private veterinary clinic where it underwent emergency treatment.

Heartbreaking images taken at the vets show that the dog visibly pities itself.

When the person behind the camera touches his injured area, the dog jumps out.

Veterinarian Mustafa Kanat said: “It appears that the dog’s legs were amputated with a sharp instrument.

“The rest of the bone is not in good condition and it may not be able to support prostheses.

“I think the puppy can move around in a walker and use its hind legs. But I’m really sorry, there are no words to say. “

Police have investigated the incident, but no arrests have been made.

The tragic story comes just days after another stray dog ​​died after being raped and stabbed 30 times.

The poor puppy was visibly in pain in the video

Poignant images showed the bleeding dog struggling to move through the streets of Bogota, Colombia on Nov. 1.

Liliana Guerrero, who posted the video, said, “They destroyed her genitals, stabbed her nearly 30 times, beat her and caused other superficial injuries.”

Meanwhile, another poor little dog was spotted on the street painted to look like a tiger, leaving animal activists furious.

The scruffy dog ​​was plastered with bright orange paint and black stripes in a Malaysian city.