Potatoes can cure neck pain and migraine caused by home working

Neck pain and migraines caused by working from home from a laptop during coronavirus locking, experts say, can be cured with a simple store cupboard – potatoes.

When used properly, it can help to ‘reset’ tense muscles by bending over a laptop while away from the office.

Millions of British workers are forced to find every table space they need within their own four walls to perform their normal duties, while also juggling childcare responsibilities and dealing with anxiety due to potential future financial difficulties.

And since most companies are forced to create contingency plans for short-term remote work when the pandemic broke out early in March, laptops are the most common way to keep staff connected.

However, due to the nature of these portable PCs, people who use them all the time now face the possibility of painful consequences due to the attitude they promote.

And a leading osteopath insists that potatoes are crucial to fighting these conditions.

Stephen Makinde, Clinical Director of Perfect Balance Clinic, said: “We have seen an increase in the number of neck and migraine clients associated with neck stiffness since the beginning of coronavirus locking.

“The problem has to do with the posture of the upper back. If you look at a screen, if your field of view is in line, then you are in the right place.

“But when you look down, what you do when you are working on a laptop, it often happens that the head starts to hang forward and that puts a lot of strain on the upper back. This can often cause a burning sensation in the trapezius muscles and affect other muscles in the neck, spine and nerves. ”

Perfect Balance Clinic offers online physio, osteopathy, rehabilitation and training sessions through Zoom and Facebook to help people with lockdown issues when they are unable to attend regular personal appointments.

And Mr. Makinde revealed that one of the tips they give to people with neck pain is to raid their kitchen cupboards or refrigerator – and dig out two potatoes.

He explained, “Tennis balls are very useful for this, but most people don’t have tennis balls at home.

So baking potatoes also works well. You just sell them together and lie flat, with the potatoes under your head.

“Then you let the neck relax and that helps to reset the neck position and loosen the muscles. It is so effective.

“This is a very easy and useful thing that people can do at home to reduce their neck tension and the pressure around them.”

According to Vitality’s health insurance survey in Britain, 34 percent of UK workers experienced neck pain and as much shoulder pain in 2019.

Since many people are confronted with less than ideal working conditions at home, these figures can be rocketed.

The fact that most Britons are concerned about their job security also means they could fight in silence for fear of being fired.

And that carries the risk of a ticking time bomb with neck, shoulder and migraine pain that could hit the UK economy, just as it is trying to survive the post-corona virus recession.


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