'Prankster’ sparks outrage after dumping tub of cereal and milk on underground

A New York prankster has been at the center of the online controversy after sharing a video in which he ate grains and milk and knocked it over in a subway car full of people wearing masks amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

In his recent video, “prankster” and TikTok star Josh Popkin poured grains and milk into a big tub before eating it with passengers.

But moments later, the class A fool walked through the carriage and threw the mixture on the ground with passengers visibly upset by his stunt.

The video was shared with Popkin’s 3.3 million followers and quickly generated 3 million views.

He later said of the stunt, “I accidentally dropped a whole bowl of cereal on the subway today.

“I was like, ‘oh my God, this is the worst day of my life. Not my Fruity Pebbles’. Everyone left and filmed me.”

Then he groaned at the lack of help he got from commuters as he returned the cereal to the tub.

But it wasn’t long before Josh got an all-powerful response with thousands piling up to blow up his antics.

YouTuber Garrett Watts commented on the video saying, “Jesus man, this is just completely confused. To be better.

“You splash people with milk while trying not to get sick. Better than this.”

A Twitter user said, “Does he think this s *** is funny?”

'Prankster’ sparks outrage after dumping tub of cereal and milk on underground

Another said, “If your joke involves someone else cleaning a metro car thoroughly, then change careers.”

The New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority responded to the joke, calling Josh “actions” despicable.

It added: “A new low. Play a joke about essential workers in the midst of a global pandemic. And ensure essential workers clean up your clutter. ‘


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