Pregnant woman dies from coronavirus after being 'turned away from 3 hospitals'

A pregnant woman died of the coronavirus after reportedly being expelled from three hospitals.

Dönüş Kılınç, from Istanbul, Turkey, was already in labor when she died on November 3 after becoming infected with Covid-19 in her ninth month of pregnancy.

The expectant mother was quarantined, but asked her husband Ramazan to take her to the hospital when the pain became unbearable.

Ramazan first took his wife to a hospital – where she had been treated during her pregnancy – but was reportedly told they couldn’t take Covid patients.

He said the hospital “closed their door on us, even though we were their patients.”

Dönüş was then taken to two more hospitals, but both sent her away, her husband claims.

She was then taken to an unnamed private health facility on the European side of the city, where she underwent emergency surgery but died.

Ramazan said on arrival at the first hospital, “When I said my wife was infected with the corona virus, they didn’t even let us in.”

He reportedly told “we are not a pandemic hospital” and to return when his wife was tested negative, reports Newspaper wall.

But at this stage, Dönüş was writhing in pain.

Her husband said they then tried two other hospitals, but was reportedly told that “we should not exceed the quota of coronavirus patients.”

Finally, Ramazan took his wife to a private hospital where doctors told him her condition was “very advanced” and unfortunately she died during the operation.

The child is considered to have survived.

“They said we would have lost the baby too if we had waited longer,” Ramazan explained.

“That was a private hospital too, but they admitted us.”

Ramazan has started legal action.

Turkey registered more than 30,000 new Covid cases yesterday.