Protect Your Bitcoin From Fake Ledger Apps

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A number of people on social media websites have reported receiving or knowing people who received phishing emails, pretending to be from a major hardware wallet manufacturer based in France Ledger and try to steal people’s crypto. Some have reportedly lost all of the Bitcoin (BTC) that is being held in their wallets.

Reportedly, Ledger announced this summer that it had suffered a data breach in which a “third party” accessed at least 1 million of its users’ contact details. Fraudsters seem to continue to use the information gathered for their own financial gain, alerting users to an imminent threat to their crypto, redirecting them to a fake application, ledger clone, and trying to get their starting phrase.

Rent bsteinfeld ‘ said that they have one E-mail It is reported by Ledger and notified of a data breach involving the confidential information of around 115,000 customers. The email instructed the user to install the latest version of Ledger Live. After that, he allegedly pasted his recovery phrase into a fake desktop app and lost his money.

Brad Mills, host of the Magic Internet Money Podcast tweeted of a Bitcoiner who has reportedly lost all of his $ 50,000 in savings to this scam. “Being your own bank means always being vigilant about social engineering hacks,” he said.

Bitcoin developer Matt Odell too sent a person who has “lost everything. Total havoc” due to these “compelling” impostors who “calculate it”.

The commentators are fight that a person cannot lose all of the contents of their wallet by downloading a fake version of Ledger, but can do so by broadcasting all of the contents with the scammer redirecting it to another address, or what they are more likely to find when the user entered their seed value into a computer connected to the network and passed their real seed value to the fake app.

The commentators are too saying Despite the scammers trying to make it legitimate, the email circulating has some red flags such as: For example, incorrect data or the statement that the general ledger contains public keys. They warn the Cryptoverse to “stay vigilant”.

For her part, Ledger has warned Users who wouldn’t ask for recovery stages or assets to be sent. However, many think that this is not enough. asked Ledger for a comment.

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