Protesters launch fireworks during 'anti-police brutality' demo in Paris

Dozens of officers have been injured in riots across France as anger grows over the brutal beating of a young black man by officers in Paris.

Police fired tear gas and stun grenades this afternoon during a protest march against police brutality in Paris this afternoon, when masked protesters launched fireworks, erected barricades and threw stones.

While the majority of the protesters were peaceful, several small groups collided with officers, setting vehicles on fire in the French capital.

Thousands of people also marched in Lille, Rennes,
Strasbourg and other cities.

The protests came after footage surfaced of music producer Michel Zecler being beaten by three police officers last weekend.

The violence has also fueled anger over a bill that could make the sharing of images of police officers illegal during operations.

Critics warn that this means cruelty goes unpunished.

Many protesters carried placards with slogans like “Who will protect us from the police”, “Stop police brutality” and “Democracy clubbed.”

President Emmanuel Macron said the images of the attack on Mr Zecler were disgraceful to France.

Protesters launch fireworks during 'anti-police brutality' demo in Paris

Protesters launch fireworks during 'anti-police brutality' demo in Paris

Four police officers are being held for questioning as part of an investigation into the assault.

Demonstrator Caroline Schatz told Reuters: “What is happening in Paris is extremely worrying and we cannot pass this up.

“I’ve spent two years with the yellow vests and I’ve seen all the violence.”

On Thursday, French football star Kylian Mbappé was among those who joined other World Cup winners to condemn institutional racism.

Referring to Michel Zecler’s film being attacked, Mbappé wrote on Twitter: “Unbearable video, unacceptable violence. Say no to racism.”