Psychic 'who foresaw Covid-19' reveals his predictions for 2021

A psychic who says he had foreseen the coronavirus pandemic two years earlier has revealed what he thinks is in store next year.

Nicolas Aujula says he also saw Donald Trump’s demise, says he predicted 2018 a ‘flu’ disaster would dominate the world.

The Londoner says he has also seen massive protests like the ones we saw for Black Lives Matter around the world.

But now he says he thinks he knows what’s in store for 2021 – and there’s a lot we need to include.

Nicholas, a past life regression therapist, hypnotherapist and paranormal astrologer, said: “Some of my visions are very literal. Others are more symbolic and open to interpretation, almost like a dream with a hidden message.

“One thing that people have been asking me a lot about this year is the coronavirus. I have visions that it is diminishing after the new year and the infection rates are so far that they are under control in the spring.

“But I predict that the panic and restrictions surrounding the virus will continue until 2022.”

In his past lives, Nicolas believes he was an Egyptian queen and a lion.

He says he first became aware of his psychic abilities as a child, but had his first truly overwhelming experience when he was 17.

Still unable to explain what happened, he said, “I had this near disengagement experience and I could see several of my past lives. There is no logic to it, but I knew that what I saw was in a past life.

‘I’ve had thousands of past lives. I have been an Egyptian queen, a maid, a teacher in the French Revolution, a deer, a lion, and even lived in another galaxy. “

Since then, he has claimed to have had regular visions, some of which he says come to him through dreams and others that strike while on the road.

He believes his gift has helped him predict some of the greatest events of recent times.

Nicholas explained: “In 2018, the word influenza kept coming to me. It stuck in my head because it’s not a word I would use. If I were to talk in everyday life I would just say flu.

“I saw it as a global disaster related to meat or livestock. The Covid-19 pandemic has been compared to the Spanish flu outbreak, hence the word influenza and some people think it originated in a game market in Wuhan, China. .

“I also imagined Donald Trump’s defeat. The US election was clearly very neck and neck, so it was surreal to see my vision come true when Joe Biden finally took the lead. “

The clairvoyant also believes a view he had in 2019 of global protests is in part related to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Nicholas maintains that his visions cannot only foretell major world events. He says an image of a cupcake-style piece of clothing also came to him – and he insists this was actually from the dress Ariana Grande wore to the 2020 Grammys, which went viral.

Nicholas said: “The picture of the protests that I saw is now one that has become very important now as this year people all over the world took to the streets, got up and raised their voices.

Black Lives Matter has been a huge movement, but there are other protests around the world, such as those in France and Nigeria.

“Another thing I saw before 2020 was a hospital that went up in flames. At the time I thought it would literally be a fire – but now I think it would have been symbolic of the way the NHS and health services around the world , were pushed to their limits by the virus.

“Likewise, I had a vision of World War III, but perhaps that was not a war between nations, but a war against Covid-19 instead.”

Now Nicolas has shared his prediction for 2021 – and he claims protests around the world will continue for the next two to three years after saying he had visions of civil unrest.

He also predicts a mass movement of people, with ‘thousands’ of countries in motion.

Nicholas explained, “I see people moving somewhere for a better life, almost like a mass exodus. I’m not talking about a few hundred – I mean thousands.”

Psychic 'who foresaw Covid-19' reveals his predictions for 2021

Elsewhere, he says he has seen visions of Rishi Sunak’s resignation, a fire raging across New York, USA – and possibly heartbreak for three A-List celebrities.

Nicholas said, “I keep getting the words ‘Tom Cruise’ and ‘heart’ to me. Maybe that’s literal and he’ll be bad with a heart problem, or maybe it’s metaphorical and he’s going to have a breakup or something.

I also see romantic heartbreak for Natalie Portman and Kim Kardashian. Who knows, she might split up with Kanye West? ‘

Some of Nicolas’s more lighthearted visions include Peter Andre relaunching his music career, a new Harry Potter book, and a digestive biscuit that is going viral for reasons that aren’t clear to him yet.

He also sees big things on the horizon for the royal family – especially Meghan Markle.

Nicholas explained, “I get visions of Meghan Markle appearing somewhere on the screen, sort of a tell-all interview, where she tells secrets about the royal family.”

However, some of the clairvoyant’s predictions are obscure.

Nicholas said, “I’ve had some pretty horrible visions – one of a male world leader being murdered. I couldn’t see who it was but felt it sending shockwaves around the world. Obviously I hope that doesn’t come true. Fertility.

“I have also had a vision of a world top ravaged by a sex scandal and a rise of far-right politics, particularly in Southern Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and a volcanic eruption leading to major weather changes.

And I’ve had the words ‘swine flu’ come to me and I’ve seen images of massive panic. I don’t think it will be another virus, but I imagine the reaction will be alarming given what has happened this year. ‘

He explained that when he has a vision – particularly one that could be indicative of a newsworthy event – it is difficult to silence the logical side of his brain that struggles to understand what he has seen

Despite his predictions, he insists that he is “not special” – believing instead that we all have the same capabilities, but that skepticism keeps us from trusting them.

Nicholas said, “All I do is tune in to something we all have. We live in a logical world and so don’t always see these messages, but I think we all have that sixth sense in us.

‘People write off little things like knowing the phone is going to ring, or that you’re about to get bad news as a coincidence. But if we step back a little bit from the distractions of modern life, maybe we can tune into something deeper. “

Despite being asked many times, Nicholas is keen to stress that one thing he can’t do is predict the winning lottery numbers.

He said, “A lot of people are open-minded and intrigued by what I do, but of course you get skeptics. They say things like, ‘Then why don’t you predict the lottery?’

“But I have no control over the visions I see and winning the lottery is not going to serve the rest of the world. It is not everyone’s destiny to become a millionaire.

“I’m a skeptic myself and try to see both sides of the coin – the logic and the clairvoyant. But at the end of the day, I don’t hurt anyone in what I’m doing, so skeptics, bring it on.”